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Badger Marble Club Meetings

Tentative meeting date:
             Sunday, July 25

Like our show, our meetings have been as much a gathering of friends as the mesmerizing business. Same-old, same-old stuff, but important.

We are planning a meeting for Sunday, July 25. Most public places are sticking to their restriction of no gathering, meaning our usual EMS facility, mostly because of all the public exposure they have. An address/map of meeting site will be sent to members when we have it locked in. Most likely it will be at a park setting in Waunakee. However, we are assuming that most of us are ready for something to revitalize our enthusiasm for marbles. Shows are being held nationwide. It would help if we had some idea how many club members might attend. Can you RSVP that it is a possibility that you will attend?

We could probably continue our efforts to host our show without a meeting, but it would be reassuring to get together to get your advice this one time before our show. Certainly there are some stories and new marbles to be shared.


Badger Marble Club was formed in 1996. Members are from several states and gather 3 or 4 times a year to exchange info about marbles and marble collecting. The meetings are open to anyone interested in any aspect of marbles or marble collecting.

Like most other collector clubs, members collect high quality marbles and marble memorabilia which might include antique marbles and/or modern contemporary marbles. The club meets in the Waunakee EMS building about every 2-3 months and is open to anyone. Members bring marbles, especially recent finds for others to see. Anyone interested in attending may request a copy of our newsletter or e-mail to verify the next meeting. Bring your marbles or just come to see some fabulous collections.


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e-mail concerning the Badger Marble Club should be sent to:
Bill Bass (Badger Marble Club Treasurer) at: ibmarbls@pcii.net

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