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Tentative meeting date:
             Sunday, July 25

Like our show, our meetings have been as much a gathering of friends as the mesmerizing business. Same-old, same-old stuff, but important.

We will have a meeting on Sunday, July 25, at 11:00 am at the Madison Plaza….Yes, same place as our preceding shows. We will meet in a room beside the restaurant. (Our usual place, the Waunakee EMS, has closed the doors and hope to open for us and others in the future.) Bonus, we are allowed to bring food for our buffet. Reminder, no nuts.

Bring all your stories and marbles for ‘show-andtell’! We’ve been deprived for over a year. Let’s regenerate the enthusiasm and forget about the horrible pandemic year! Thought it was in our best interest to have this one meeting to discuss the show. We may have slowed down our efforts to get out and experience the thrill of finding something….anything, but marble collectors nationwide are back at it. Shows are happening. Bill will give us a report.

Agenda: Get ready for the show.
1.Treasury report.... and dues.
2. Bill will review the shows that have been held.
3. October show. We have been given the green light. No restrictions. Masking and distance are optional. Discussion?
    Room Block-We have.
    Registration update
4. Show and tell. New stuff. Buy, sell, trade.
    See new stash from Hawaii. Jury needed for questionable guinea and peltiers. Collection of jabo's. Other.

Knowing some members will be able to attend, we will summarize and update show info in September.

Badger Marble Club was formed in 1996. Members are from several states and gather 3 or 4 times a year to exchange info about marbles and marble collecting. The meetings are open to anyone interested in any aspect of marbles or marble collecting.

Like most other collector clubs, members collect high quality marbles and marble memorabilia which might include antique marbles and/or modern contemporary marbles. The club meets in the Waunakee EMS building about every 2-3 months and is open to anyone. Members bring marbles, especially recent finds for others to see. Anyone interested in attending may request a copy of our newsletter or e-mail to verify the next meeting. Bring your marbles or just come to see some fabulous collections.


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e-mail concerning the Badger Marble Club should be sent to:
Bill Bass (Badger Marble Club Treasurer) at: ibmarbls@pcii.net

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