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2021 Badger Marble Show

23nd Annual Marble Show and Sale


We have been notified that the hotel, Madison Plaza, is cancelling all events and taking no reservations from now and possibly longer than December 31. Communication with the hotel cites the pandemic being the reason.

Room Trading
Friday/Saturday, Oct 8-9 2021.

Antique marbles, machine made marbles, contemporary marbles and marble memorabilia.

Madison Plaza Hotel
(Formerly Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel)
3841 E. Washington Ave.
Madison, WI.
Reservations: 608-819-6298
$84 room reservations by Sept 24, 2021

Yea.. adults talking ‘marbles’, just as they did as children and hoping to lure a few others yearning for some nostalgia. See some of Americas greatest marbles and collections. All kinds of stuff. Rooms are open all day Fri. & Sat. for you to browse and ask questions. If you played marbles as a kid, you will love the Badger Marble Show.

Show Update

It’s time! We’re on, with no restrictions! October (7), 8, 9, show on the 10th. We already have rooms reserved and anticipating that there will be a surge in interest. Our love of marbles will sustain us! Make your reservations or plans to be here…..same place: Madison Plaza Hotel (formerly Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel). If you haven’t distributed flyers yet, you can ‘black-out’ the block reading “If we cannot use the banquet hall we should end the room trading on Sunday by 1pm.” We WILL be using the ball room on Sunday


Google map:
Location of marble show

All dealer rooms will be together in one block
Sunday show admission FREE! Table reservations ($25) and other
info contact:
Bill Bass, Treasurer
608-723-6138 ibmarbls@pcii.net
Jim Stephenson,
608-849-7942 jswiwr33@tds.net

Reserve your room soon!
Be sure to ask to be in the Badger Marble Club block
for both motel rates and room location.
Dealer/Show tables $25

The venue is the Madison Plaza Hotel (same hotel as last year) on Madison's east side. Convenient to shopping, entertainment, dining, the famous Market on the Square. Home to the University of Wisconsin and the State Capitol. On Friday and Saturday be sure to visit rooms to sell, show, trade, or just look. The public is encouraged to visit while rooms are open. We are sure you will like the accommodations and show facilities. Be assured, another outstanding marble collectors experience is in the works.

Many people miss some of the most informative, and possibly most interesting aspect of a marble show. That would be Friday and Saturday prior to the actual show in which marble collectors and show presenters exhibit their marbles in their rooms. Many marbles are bought, sold, and traded. You can really get to know marbles and collecting during this time. Rooms will be open most of Friday afternoon, evening, and all day Saturday. Just walk up and down the halls and visit any room that is open. If you really want to know marbles, attend early. It is a good time to buy, sell or trade or just get to know collectors.

2021 Badger Marble Show Cancelled

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e-mail concerning the Badger Marble Club should be sent to:
Bill Bass (Badger Marble Club Treasurer) at: ibmarbls@pcii.net

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