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Badger Marble Club Show Summary for 1999

Lots of 'trick-or-treetin' took place during the last 4 or 5 days of October. Twenty-eight rooms of marbles with their owners began a four day odyssey of marble buying selling and trading. This was the second annual show. Room trading was slow, probably because the public doesn't know or understand that rooms are open and they can participate. Collectors kept themselves busy visiting each other and making some deals. A positive note is that many of our participants returned for the 'second annual' noting the social interaction between collectors was fun. They had a chance to get together and share ideas and opinions about the state of the hobby. All in all, the visits are educational and informative. Another plus for the show is that all collectors were in one block of rooms, all in easy reach of the show room.

Mike and Donna ViethThe show on Sunday went very smooth supposedly starting at 10:00 a.m. There were people waiting at the door at 9:15, and several exhibitors were busy at 9:30. It was very steady until around 12:30 or 1:00 when it slowed a little. Many in the crowd were "hanging out" the whole time. Seems one cannot get enough of marbles, especially when so many are displayed. There were both contemporary and vintage. A few buyers were looking for deals . . .stocking up for the Las Vegas show. Twenty-six tables were covered by Badger Club Members and other avid collectors. Fred Leuenberger was set up in a corner to polish some of the beat up stuff. With few breaks, Fred had a good day and collectors saw some marbles come to life. The marble club served up sandwiches and veggies, as well, there was little time to take breaks.

Fred LeuenbergerIn setting up the show, members of the Badger Marble Club tried to allow for several 'things' they knew would be important to have a good show. They would be social interactions, educational opportunities, fun, good marbles, good trading and good friends. They might have some ideas to try to make next years show even better, but will probably agree we accomplished most or all of the 'things' that make a good show.

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