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Badger Marble Club Show Summary 2006

Every year BMC club members hold their breath in anticipation of the tally’s for another show. Most clubs and individuals sponsoring shows share that anticipation knowing many events, not just marble events, seem to slide to low attendance levels prompting consideration that perhaps it might be the last.

Not so for the Badger Marble Club show. Once again, our numbers remained steady to assure that we will again be planning for the 2007 show. Rooms reserved for the recent 2006 show were very good with many show participants returning. Our show has become a significant social gathering of many of the best known mid-west and national marble collectors and contemporary artists. A few collectors arrived on Thursday with most arriving Friday and Saturday. Our show is held at Howard Johnson’s on East Washington in Madison.

Marble enthusiast visited rooms open Friday and Saturday to see some magnificent collections, trade, and sell their attic treasures. Participants enjoyed the usual socials held in various rooms listening to marble stories from the past year in hopes to get an insight into the trends of the hobby. One thing is sure… the enthusiasm for marble collecting is not waning among the really dedicated mibs lovers.

Sunday’s show was a success with numbers in attendance holding to past years figures. The consensus from participants is that they will be back for 2007. It is an enjoyable event with high quality marbles and memorabilia.

Madison offers much to do while attending the show. First and foremost is the Farmers Market on the Capital Square on Saturday morning, with scores of vendors with the best in produce, meat, cheese, flowers, and many other items. It is the home of the Univ. of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Capitol sporting a dome 1 ft. less than the our National Capitol in Washington. The show is only blocks away from East Towne Mall, theatres, restaurants, and hundreds of other shops and stores.

Photos from the 2006 Badger Marble Club Show are here.

Plan to attend the 10th Badger Marble Club show next October. Check back with the BMC home page for details when they become available.

Who’s who at the BMC show 2006.

Mark and Dana Forester, Ia; Lynnette Funk, Il.; Tom and Pat Harrod, Ky; Matthew Olson; Bill Tow, Ia; Joseph Wilkenson, Il.; Frank and Dan Anderson, Il.; Bill and Vicki Bass, Wi.; Fred and Gaynell Buckland, Mn; Jesse Carpenter, Wi.; Nick Liegeois, Wi.; Doug Goetz, Wi.; Charlie Hanson, Wi.; Art Jones, Wi.; Dave Lowman, Ia.; Terry Lundeen, Il.; Jim Puhl, Wi.; Tom Reed, Il.; Craig Snider, Mo.; Terry and Cindy Terhell, Mn.; Gary Weisenbarger, Oh.; Bud Braunlich, Ia.; Charles Williams, Mo.; Alan Verbeke,.; Gino Biffany, Il.; Marvin Breiteack, Ia.; Dean Clineschmidt, Mn.; Richard Graf, Il.; Kevin Gray, Il., Vern Holm, Il; Brandy Howard, Il.; Mike and Jan Muehlbauer, Wi.; Jim and Nona Stephenson, Wi.; Karla Vandenlangenberg, Wi., Bob Cunningham, Il., Bruce and Emily Skiles, Il., Don Rudie and Deb Schmidt, Wi.

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