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Badger Marble Club 10th Anniversary Show Summary
October 14, 2007

Summer progressed to fall, and several favorite pastimes come to the front –football at Camp Randall and Green Bay, the colors observed with the change in seasons, and even more diverse and exciting colors meet the eye as marble collectors converged on Madison for the 10th Annual Badger Marble Show. Collectors from around the Midwest relished the opportunity to meet, buy and sell, discuss and share the passion of marble collecting.

Founded in 1997, the club has maintained a membership of avid collectors since its inception. Members are from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and a few other states. Shortly after the club was formed it was agreed that meeting a few times a year would not be sufficient to sustain the enthusiasm and vitality of the club. It was important that the club put on an annual show to attract collectors and all interested individuals for the purpose of sharing the hobby.

The club meets every three months or so at the Waunakee EMS to discuss marble collecting, share new finds, buy and trade marbles, and plan for the annual show. The meetings provide opportunities to learn about all aspects of marble collecting. Topics most often discussed are the history of marble manufacturers, rarity, condition and value of specific marble types, and discussions of finds and upcoming shows and auctions. The BMC membership and their willingness to share their knowledge made it an enjoyable occasion for visitors and new collectors. Rooms at the Howard Johnson Hotel were open Friday and Saturday for visitors to see some of the finest marble collections in the US.

This year’s show significantly expanded upon the club mission. It widened the opportunity for 25-30 dealers from across the region as well as other nationally known collectors and marble experts. Exhibits displayed a wide assortment of marbles and marble memorabilia, from cat-eyes and clays, to exotic single marbles; antique handmade and machine-made; tournament medals and trophies, marble games and toys, and contemporary marbles by local artists. There was something for everyone. Individuals with long-lost marbles and collections attended to have their marbles appraised.

Friday afternoon through Saturday evening, pre-show “room trading sessions” were ongoing. Rooms were open for anyone to visit and view collections. Many guests brought marbles and memorabilia for selling, trading, or appraisal. These times also allowed multiple opportunities for more relaxed discussions.

Show details for 2008

Fri. October 17th, 18th, and 19th. Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, 3841 E. Washington Avenue. Rooms will be open Friday aft/eve, Saturday all day. The BMC Show- 9am to 2pm on Sunday. Hotel reservations can be made by calling the HJ at 608-244-2481(Mention the BMC Show for special rates.) Further information and details of the show and club membership can be obtained from Jim Stephenson [---], Bill Bass [williambass1946@gmail.com], or Art Jones [jordanhouse@charter.net] or visit the Badger Marble Club webpage for next years info

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